Click-up system guide​

Starting guide to product research


Make it easy for the researcher to get started and deliver results in a structured way.

Make a copy of the google sheet

Go to this sheet and make a copy, if you don’t know how to copy here is a guide

Column (1) : Add a product definer (Most for the money, best for long hair.. etc. customize this to the type of article. If not use these:

Best i test

Mest for pengene


Billig og bra

Only the top 4-5 articles need a product definer.

Column (2) :  Add the name of the product and link to the store
Column (3) : Add name of store
Column (4) : Check of if it’s in stock

Set-up click-up

  1. Send me a message with your email and let me know it’s for click-up. I will then send you an invite.
  2. Start the click-ups own on-boarding process and make an account 
  3. Download click-up through app store or  at 
  4. Start working with click-up 

Work process

  1. Use the methods listed in this guide
  2. Type each product into google sheet