Guest post guide

The “write for us” approach:

“[your keyword]” +”write for us”
“[your keyword]” +”write for me”
“[your keyword]” +”become a contributor”
“[your keyword]” + “guest post”
“[your keyword]” +”blogging guidelines”
keyword + “guest post guidelines”
“[your keyword]” +”contribute”
“[your keyword]” + “guest column”
“[your keyword]” +”submit a guest post”
“[your keyword]” + “accepting guest posts”
“[your keyword]” + “Now Accepting Guest Posts”
“[your keyword]” +”contribute to this site”

Find opportunities based on other guest posts:

“[your keyword]” + “guest post by”
“[your keyword]” + “this is a guest contribution”
“[your keyword]” + “contributing writer”
“[your keyword]” + “guest author”
“[your keyword]” + The following guest post”
“[your keyword]” + “guest blogger”
“[your keyword]” + “guest column”
“[your keyword]” + “guest article”

In URL hacks

“[your keyword]”+ inurl:guest-posts
“[your keyword]” + inurl:write-for-us
“[your keyword]” + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
“[your keyword]” + inurl:profiles/blog/new
“[your keyword]”+ inurl:category/guest
“[your keyword]”+ inurl:contributors