How to find products

Your job will be to find the best products currently on the market place for the article we are going to write.


How to do this?

Your will be assigned a keyword which will include two things the (“product name” + “test”)

Test = Modifier to find review articles 

Ways to find the best products

I recommend using method (1) and (2) since these will usually be enough to find sufficient amounts of products for an article and will result in the best result.

Method (A)

Google the keyword in norwegian (product name + review modifier)

When you search for the keyword you will usually find reviews in the same category with a variety of products.

Look through these articles to find the products. They will usually have a long list of products you can look through and filter with our criterias.

Method (B)

Pick products from our partnered stores

Go to this list find the category you are currently trying to find products for and then go to the stores listed in the google sheets.

What’s important here is that the product has a good amount of reviews on the store or is promoted by the store itself with some sort of special segine (“Best seller”) etc.

Method (C)

Google the keyword in english

When you google the keyword in english you will find english brands and their top picks.

Lets say we are writing an article on the “Best car tires’ you can search this on english and see what brands and products that are recommended there and then check if they are sold in one of our norwegian stores.

Use forums (D)

You can use the norwegian phrase, but instead of (“product name + “test”) you will write (“product name” + forum)

This way you can find norwegian forums on the topic which is a good way of finding popular products or products people love.

But these will be shown in Norwegian, so you will need to use a google translator extension or learn to scope out product names from the gibberish language.