Payment: How it works and what you should do

You will get paid the 11th of every month.

We pay either through paypal or bank tranfer. Upwork is only used for employees that is paid hourly.

In order to get paid you need to send us an invoice. The reason for this is that our company need proof of the expense in order to file it as business expense here in Norway.

In order for the invoice to be valid there are a few requirements, that is:

  • Need to created in an invoice program
  • Needs to include an invoice number
  • Yours and hours: Business name, adresse or organisationnumber
  • A description of the service
  • When and where the service where delivered
  • Price for the service

To create an invoice use paypal:

Below you can find a guide on how to do this.

Our business details:

Our paypal:

Business name: IMAAKERLUND Per Markus Åkerlund
Name: Per Markus Åkerlund
Phone number: +47 94 19 36 61
Adresse: Storfollavegen.4
Post code: 7796
City: Follafoss
Region: Trondelag

If you liked to get paid through a bank tranfer you need to send a valid invoice using a invoice software, we recommend using