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System explanation

We have a system where all the writers get assigned articles in the beginning of the month and the articles gets delivered on friday. 

The reason for this is to get a steady flow of articles out every week, but also making it easier for you as the writer to plan your days and keep the momentum up.

Martin Mihajlovski is the one responsible for this task so if you have any questions feel free to contact him on slack.

So..every Monday you will be assigned tasks, theses are all based on your weekly word count goal.

The weekly word count goal will be decided in private chat on slack with Martin.

The tasks you are assigned needs to be completed and delivered on slack within Friday 6 AM Eastern Time (ET)

If you can see that you cant deliver all the tasks necassary you need to message Martin (Manager) with your query and the reason for the delay. This way you can come to a solution to avoid this from happening again next week.