Manager tasks

Manager main tasks:

  • Write outline for writers
  • Manage writers – Degligate and manage
  • Check the work of the editor, writer and optimize the article before publishing.

SEO for websites

What is this task:

Your job will be to fix the on-page SEO of all the articles on both torkmoji and carcody. You will also be assigned to do the same thing on other websites.

  • Find the main keyword of the article using ahrefs
  • Write title with the keyword in the beginning
  • Write description with the keyword included
  • Add the keyword in the image alt-text
  • Add the keyword in the featured image
  • Make sure the keyword is in the beginning of the content (if not add it)
  • Make sure the keyword is in one of the headlines (if not add it)

How to do SEO for

Watch guide here

How to do SEO for

Watch guide here


Management of writing team

Assigning tasks to the writers and managing them

Task:  You will be responsible for assigning tasks to the writers and checking if they have completed their work by friday.

Assigning tasks to the writers

  • Every sunday – assign tasks to writers
  • Note down the word count goal on the writers personal sheet
  • Note down the article title on the writers personal sheet

Watch guide here

Check writers work on friday and notify them if work is not complete / complete

Task: Checking every friday that each writer have delivered their assigned work in time.

  • Write behinde each writer in the scorecard (Written) a comment on his work (Success? Fail? missing 2 articles etc)

If writer have finished article:

  • Write a message that we have recieved his work and well done, you can customize this to your personality.

If writer have not done their job:

  • Notify him that you see that he have a few articles missing and try to figure out why and what him can do differently in order for him to reach his goal.

Watch guide here 

Prepare articles for writers

Informational articles

Product review articles

  • With product review articles make sure to find products and link to these in addition to the outline.

Checks for deadlinks and products


Finding products that is out of stock or links that is not working. If they dont work we dont get any money for the article.